I saw Naomi following surgery which had left me with pain in my lower back and hips and was keen to learn some Pilates exercises that I could use at home. I had previously had treatment from a sports physiotherapist which had always helped in the short term but needed advice on how to manage the situation on a daily basis. Naomi was brilliant at this, she really listened carefully to the sorts of issues I was having, in particular at work, and carried out a thorough physical assessment. She got to the root of the problem very quickly and gave me practical and achievable exercises that I could work into my daily routine. She developed me a personalised programme which she built on each week, all recorded on an App which I found very easy and helpful to use. As a result of following this programme I was able to build up enough strength to join a group Pilates classes after about 5 sessions. Naomi recommended and liaised with a brilliant instructor which was great as it meant the instructor was aware of my history before I started her classes. I highly recommend Naomi, she is professional, very knowledgeable and a delightful person to work with.

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