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Naomi specialises in the treatment of long term conditions including:

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When you receive a diagnosis of Osteoarthritis or “wear and tear”  you are often told it is just a part of life and advised to exercise and maintain a healthy weight.  But what if the the exercise you love aggravates the pain you are already experiencing causing you to stop and gain more weight.  It’s a vicious cycle!

This is where we can help by; 

  • Assessing your movement pattern to ascertain any short or weak muscles that are putting excess pressure on the painful joint.
  • Using soft tissue release and taping to offload the painful area.
  • Providing a progressive strengthening programme.
  • Advice and education regarding your condition, bracing and pacing of activities.
“I have had problems with my knee for many years due to degenerative joint disease which had led to decreasing mobility and strength, limiting my ability to run. Following three sessions with Naomi and diligently following her suggested exercise regime I am now able to move more easily and, with minimal discomfort, can play doubles tennis for up to two hours.

I would definitely recommend ND Pilates for those seeking relief from troublesome knee problems.”


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Joint Replacement

Sometimes a Total knee or hip replacement is the best option but it can be nerve wracking to work out how hard to push your exercises, how far your leg should be moving and when you should have disgarded your crutches. Don’t worry we have you covered, we work closely with local Orthopaedic Surgeon’s ensuring you get the best outcome from your new knee / hip. Studies show that a combination of strengthening, mobility and balance exercises can improve recovery, return to work and even sport.

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Joint hypermobility means that some or all of a person’s joints have an unusually large range of movement. People with hypermobility are particularly supple and able to move their limbs into positions others find impossible. Hypermobility can affect many body systems, not just the joints, for example you may also be suffering from fatigue, dizziness and bladder and bowel problems.

Physiotherapy can help to reduce pain and the risk of sprains and dislocations, improve muscle strength and fitness, balance and co-ordination, stamina and general fitness and get you back to doing those things you love.

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Low back pain

Low back pain affects 60-80% of people throughout their lifetime. We want to help you recover quickly. If you have been struggling to get rid of your pain despite seeing multiple practitioners we are the people for you to see. But don’t trust me, see what Andrew has to say;

“I had been suffering from perennial lower back issues when I first saw Naomi. Sporadically I would suffer severe spasms that put me in acute pain and out of action for extended periods.
Naomi analysed my history and movements and over several sessions worked with me to realign the body and strengthen the key muscles to support my back for the longer term.

Of course I have to be disciplined enough myself to do her recommended exercises regularly, but I’m confident that if I do those, the risk of another spasm occurring – or even more minor twinges that previously happened quite frequently – is significantly reduced.

I felt confident in Naomi’s expertise at all times, very comfortable working in her Godalming studio with her and would have no hesitation in recommending her.”


Long Term Conditions Treatment at ND Clinical Pilates


Physiotherapy can greatly improve the quality of life of people with all stages of Cancer at all stages of their condition. There is evidence suggesting that disease progression was reduced by 57% in men with Prostate Cancer who engaged in three hours per week of moderate intensity exercise.

Naomi has completed extra training with pincandsteel.com in the Physiotherapy management of Oncology patients.

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